Logbook Servicing

Is your car due for a service? Many of our customers are often unaware that we can perform their routine manufacturer logbook service without voiding their factory warranty. For vehicle's outside of their warranty period, we also offer minor and major servicing options. To make a booking, contact us today.

Brake Repairs

Do your brakes feel underpowered or spongy? You may be due for brake repairs. Our workshop is equipped to replace any worn braking components including pads, rotors, discs and drums. If you'd like to arrange an inspection of your vehicle's brakes, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If your tyres are looking worse for wear, your vehicle's handling characteristics can be dramatically effected. Worn tyres results in reduced traction, making your car potentially unsafe. We can source a range of tyres for all makes and models. For a quote on new tyres for your car, contact us today.

Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle's steering and suspension are largely responsible for how comfortably your car rides over bumps and how it handles through corners. Worn or faulty steering components can result in loose and unprecise feeling steering. If you'd like to arrange an inspection of your vehicle's steering and suspension, contact us today.

Cooling System Repairs

If your car has overheated, you should arrange to have your cooling system repaired before driving your vehicle again. When your car overheats, major damage can occur that can be very costly to repair. We can flush cooling systems, as well as replacing head gaskets and radiators to get your car running at the correct temperature. To book in for repair, contact us today.

Exhaust Repairs

The exhaust of your car is responsible for quietly and efficiently dispelling the gases produced in your engine. If your exhaust is cracked or damaged, it may not flow as efficiently as the manufacturer intended and your power and fuel efficiency will be effected. To arrange a quote on a new exhaust, contact us today.

Transmission Servicing

Similarly to any other mechanical component in your vehicle, your transmission requires routine servicing to maximise its lifespan and to ensure it's operating correctly. We can service transmissions on all makes and models at Mundy Motors. To book in for a transmission service, contact us today.

Major Mechanical Repairs

With such a long history providing Geelong with mechanical repairs and servicing, no job is too big for our team. We can professionally rebuild engines, as well as performing any other major mechanical work that your car may need. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Is your car struggling to start? You may be due for a new battery. We can supply and fit batteries for all makes and models. Our batteries offer fantastic value and premium reliability. For a quote on a new battery for your vehicle, contact us today.


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